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We come when we say we will come. We do what we say we will do.  There are no hidden extras or nasty surprises.

Garden Tidy Up

If, for whatever reason, your garden is in a mess!, use our garden tidy up service to instantly transform your garden in quick order. We know where to focus to tidy beds, shrubs, borders, patios, paths, driveways and lawns. The majority of gardens can be brought back to life in one day, but we can tackle any amount of neglect. This service is also ideal for those preparing properties for selling or renting. In one day, even very neglected properties can be ready for estate agent photos and prospective buyers or tenants. An instant garden tidy up is a fixed price job. You will receive a written quote describing in detail the work to be carried out, and once accepted, we will contact you again the day before the work is carried out. Call us today to have your garden looking as it should.

Maintaining your Garden

Relax and enjoy your garden and outdoor space with one of our maintenance programmes. For regular garden maintenance in South Cheshire or East Staffordshire, our experienced staff will keep your garden looking its best all year round, taking care of all the jobs you either don’t have time for or don’t wish to do. Visits are arranged on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your requirements.


Leaf It To Me carries out power washing in South Cheshire and East Staffordshire. The best time to power wash is often in early winter, leaving a clean area for over Christmas and winter. Once a year thereafter is a good policy. Areas to clean include decking, patio, paths, drives, pergolas and other garden structures, pillars, gates and garden furniture. We use a medium strength power washer for areas such as decking, and block pavers, where too much pressure can lift the wood and remove the jointing sand. We also work the lance at a shallow angle and use a specialist patio cleaning attachment for the same reason. The products we use are safe for pets and nearby shrubs.

Hedge Cutting

A properly cut hedge makes any garden look better. Because your hedge is often your boundary, it is where the eye goes to when looking from or to your property. It is a focal point, though often not an intentional one. A straight edge here pleases anyone’s eye, though if you prefer an informal hedge, we can trim to this specification as well. With regular maintenance, Leaf It To Me keeps hedges looking their best all year round, cutting according to each varieties and client’s requirements. Laurel and privet are best cut twice a year. Established leylandii are usually fine for a trim in autumn. All clippings will be removed, unless otherwise agreed. We always leave your garden tidy.


Choose from 3 options


Whole Garden Care

As the name suggests, we’ll take care of everything in your garden. Lawns will be mowed and edges neatened fortnightly, or weekly. Beds will be kept weed free. Paths, driveways and patios will also be kept weed free. Shrubs and hedges will be trimmed at the right times and in the right way. Leaves will be gathered in Autumn. Yearly power washing, gutter cleaning and drain clearance can be also included as well as mulching of beds if required. This maintenance programme is tailored to your garden and your needs. Whole Garden Care also includes 2 free lawn treatments as standard – 1 application of herbicide to kill broad-leaved weeds & 1 application of Summer fertiliser. We can also upgrade the programme to include 1 application of Autumn fertiliser and an annual scarification and aeration of the lawn, if you wish. If you require garden maintenance in South Cheshire or East Staffordshire, then get in touch to have your garden professionally managed. Leave the hard work to us, and enjoy the results.

Beds & Border Care

This is for everyone who is happy cutting their own lawn, but who either doesn’t have time or just plain hates the mountain of weeding, tidying and plant care that comes with a garden. With Beds and Border Care we will visit your garden fortnightly or monthly to keep beds, paths, patios and driveways weed free. Shrubs and hedges will be trimmed at the appropriate times and perennials cut back in Autumn. Leaves will also be gathered and as with Whole Garden Care, power washing, gutter cleaning, drain clearance and mulching of beds can also be added to your maintenance programme if required.


Low Maintenance

We can’t escape weeds.  They have to be dealt with or your garden can very quickly turn from delight to an eyesore. If our other 2 options are not for you, then the best alternative is to convert your existing garden beds into low maintenance garden beds. We visit your garden to listen to your needs. At this point we will decide on which if any shrubs or plants are to be removed and if new edging is needed. You will also choose from a range of low maintenance plants and the variety of decorative stones or bark or woodchip that is your favourite mulch. Based on your needs and wishes, we will provide a fixed price written quotation. Once confirmed, the work can begin. The existing weeds are cleared and the bed treated with weedkiller. New plants and edging are are added if part of the original quote. High quality weed suppressing membrane is installed around the existing plants and new planting. This can be omitted if you require beds simply mulched with bark or woodchip only. Your choice of mulch is applied to cover the membrane completely. All this can be done easily and quickly. The majority of beds, even if extremely neglected, can be converted to low maintenance in just one day.

Whatever your needs Leaf It To Me has the expertise to help. Contact us today to help keep your garden looking the way you want.

Our PromisE TO YOU

When you contact Leaf It To Me for a quotation you can be sure that we’ll be guided by our three core values

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